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Expert Testimony Definition – Testifying Experts

An expert testimony definition is a written or oral testimony based on scientific, technical, and tested information presented before the court by an expert witness. Research shows that a person who presents an expert testimony before the judge or jury must have special training in the field relevant to the case.

The law of evidence in criminal and civil cases requires testimonies based on observation, knowledge, expertise, experience, and data collection. The testimony presented by an expert witness must be unbiased, impartial, and include factual information in plain English. Now that you have understood the expert testimony definition, let us discuss finding a medical-legal expert. Read on!

How to Find a Medical Legal Expert?

The duty of a medical-legal expert or forensic medicine expert witness is to present an honest, impartial testimony before the court with their areas of expertise. A medical-legal expert witness is a doctor, physician, surgeon, nurse, psychiatrist, or oncologist.

An expert witness is also any other licensed practitioner with experience and skills that qualify him to testify in personal injury, medical negligence, or malpractice cases. The question is how to find a medical legal expert. Here are a few factors to consider.


Once you have understood the expert testimony definition and details about it, you can easily hire an expert witness. However, it is crucial to choose the witness carefully. Perform thorough research online and create a list of expert witnesses.

Collect all the necessary information about each expert you think has expertise relevant to your case. Ask the expert about their academic credentials. Ensure the expert you want to hire has a terminal degree in a particular discipline with real-world accomplishments that support his academic credentials. Moreover, find out whether the expert witness is board-certified.

Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are an essential factor to consider when finding or choosing a medical expert witness. Schedule an interview with the medical expert and see whether they communicate well, listens to your concerns, and you must also analyze the expert’s attitude or behavior.

Bear in mind that persuasive and effective communication with the judge and jury is essential, but how do you determine the expert’s communication skills. You can look for reviews on third-party websites and ask your friends or family members. Getting a second opinion on an expert witness’s communication skills is an excellent way to streamline the hiring process for your case.

The purpose is to ensure the expert will listen to you, analyze the facts, and inform you of the progress. An experienced expert explains findings to their clients and makes a strong connection with the judge and jury to build trust and credibility.

Attention to Detail

Ask the expert witness how they will prepare the report and whether it will contain enough details to help the court conclude the case. Remember, an expert witness who gives partial opinion or testimony before the court can lead to severe consequences for the plaintiff or defendant.

Therefore, it is crucial to hire an expert witness in the medical field who prepares an unbiased testimony. Besides, details matter a lot in medical cases because they often involve complex litigation. An experienced medical expert witness at Legal Medical Consulting, Dallas, TX, does not overlook a single aspect when testifying before the court.


Experience matters whether you find a medical legal expert or hire forensic medicine expert witness. Look online or ask someone you trust about the witness’s background and experience. Legal Medical Consulting, Dallas, TX, has expert witnesses with many years of experience. Our experts have a thorough knowledge of different medical cases, including:

  • Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Sexual Assault Cases
  • Domestic Abuse Claims
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Elder Abuse Claims
  • Addiction Evaluations and Care
  • Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis
  • Surgical Errors, including Childbirth Errors

Our experienced medical expert witnesses can examine the case’s material facts, such as medical records, DNA samples, and other medical-related testing methods. The purpose is to collect evidence and write compelling, research-based, and impartial testimonies.

Our experts also create models, visual aids and prepare written statements to explain the progress or findings of a medical case. That way, our medical expert helps the court whether the doctor has breached the standard of care.

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Legal Medical Consulting is a licensed firm in Dallas, TX, with experienced and skilled medical expert witnesses. If you want to know more information other than expert testimony definition or looking for a qualified expert for your medical malpractice or personal injury case, contact us today!

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