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Forensic Medicine – What It Is and Why It Is Important

Forensic medicine is a part of medical jurisprudence and deals with scientific medical knowledge …

Forensic medicine is a part of medical jurisprudence and deals with scientific medical knowledge to address the physiology, time, and cause of death. People who practice forensic medicine provides expert medical witness testimony. Our expert medical legal team assists attorneys in evaluating the liability of doctors and nurses in issues, including:

  • Consent of treatment
  • Pathological examinations
  • Medical intervention
  • Emergency treatment
  • Removal of organ and tissue
  • Legal procedures
  • Organ transplantation
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Scientific experiments
  • Sexual procedures
  • Detailed Reports

Our expert medical legal team also helps in court proceedings to answer questions regarding paternity, maternity, medical malpractice, murder, evidence collection, and the application of statutory law to medicine.

The Importance of Forensic Medicine

Practitioners of forensic medicine usually deal with offenses against an individual or patient. Our experts help in medical-legal investigations and offer support to attorneys. A practitioner also provides expert opinion to support legally authorized individuals, allowing them to understand the implications of pathological exams.

These include autopsies or postmortem of bodies, organs, tissues, and laboratory specimens. We offer expert opinions based on research and science to find the time and cause of death. Similarly, our medico-legal experts provide an interpretation of genetic tissue or DNA analysis. Legal Medical Consulting has many years of experience in streamlining criminal cases for our clients.

Our expert medical witness testimony prepared by our medico-legal professionals can help in criminal cases. We have a team of qualified coroners who provide the court or investigators with a knowledgeable opinion on injuries, wounds, poisoning, intoxication, infections, and appropriate handling of pathologic specimen.

Legal Medical Consulting also has an expert team of practitioners who work in psychiatric forensic medicine. We provide the investigators and court with expert opinions on mental health conditions, including diagnosis, treatment, and mental competency.

Besides, we help the court by providing expert medical witness testimony that focuses on competency to stand trial and answer questions regarding responsibility for actions. Our experts in forensic medicine use medical science, research, and other health-related protocols to inform the law. We make accurate analysis, opinions, and interpretation of health exams and testing.

Benefits of Forensic Expert Medical Witness Testimony

Many people contact Legal Medical Consulting to hire an autopsy expert or forensic medicine expert witness. We help build your case and ensure you do well in court. An autopsy is a detailed medical exam of a dead body to figure out the cause and time of death. The procedure is also carried out to evaluate diseases and injuries.

A medical case that hinges on health analysis and testimony usually requires a professional with forensic medicine expertise. Legal Medical Consulting has board-certified forensic medicine experts who can act on your behalf and present expert medical witness testimony before the jury.  

A pathologist is a physician who performs an autopsy. It is also known as the postmortem exam, necropsy, or obduction. Keep in mind that the procedure is performed for medical or legal purposes. The pathologist conducts a forensic autopsy if legal experts suspect the cause of death is due to delinquency.

The professional conducts a clinical autopsy to determine the cause of death. It is done for cases in which the cause of death is unknown. In some cases, the court requires conducting an external examination in others; a physician performs dissection of the body, known as the internal exam.

Why choose Legal Medical Consulting?

Legal Medical Consulting is a Dallas-based company that offers various medico-legal services, including expert medical witness testimony. Our company prescreens experts on different data points to ensure our witnesses deliver qualitative and authoritative testimony to streamline your legal matter.

Training and Experience

Legal Medical Consulting has medical expert witnesses who have earned education and training from top institutions. We hire board-certified experts only because every medical case – big or small – matters to us. Likewise, our experts practice medicine and have many years of experience with procedures and treatments in question in your legal case.

Highly Skilled Professionals

Our experts are familiar with all sorts of medico-legal procedures. They have extensive knowledge of standards of care, causation and can provide both oral and written expert medical witness testimony.

Excellent Communication Skills

Our forensic medicine experts can accurately demystify complicated medical procedures to the court and jury. Most often, the jurors are unaware of medical jargon. That’s where our Legal Medical Consulting Company plays a key role. We help jurors understand expert medical witness testimony through clear communication and beyond medical terminology.

Legal Medical Consulting connects you with highly qualified witnesses in Dallas, TX, and helps you prepare your lawsuit for favorable outcomes. Testimonies from highly skilled forensic medicine experts make a positive impact on your case and solidify the grounds of your claims. Contact us today!