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Some Examples of Expert Witnesses

What is an example of an expert witness? What is an example of an expert testimony? What is a expert witness legal definition? These are some of the common questions asked by people who face legal matters, cases, or lawsuits. In today’s article, we will answer these questions. Read on!

What is a Expert Witness Legal Definition?

According to Federal Rules of Evidence rule 702, an expert witness legal definition is a qualified person with experience, training, skills, knowledge, education, and training, testifying before the court in the form of an opinion, oral, or written statement. An expert witness plays a crucial role in a particular case, allowing the judge or jury to understand the technicalities of the case in simple language.

What is an Example Of An Expert Witness Or Testimony?

Plaintiffs and defendants hire expert witnesses to review the case technicalities and help the court understand facts, ensuring accurate decision-making, conclusions, or verdicts. In this article, we will give you an example of a medical expert witness or testimony.

Whether the client is a plaintiff with injuries or a health professional (defendant) in a medical case, the support of a qualified and experienced medical expert witness is essential. A medical expert witness examines the case material facts, such as medical records, and prepares the testimony.

For instance, Legal Medical Consulting has qualified, experienced, and trained medical expert witnesses who prepare oral and written testimonies, create models, visual aids, and provide statements before the court to help the jury conclude the case.

Example 1: Childbirth Errors

A patient, Sarah Williams, diagnosed with gestational diabetes, went into the labor stage at 33 weeks gestation. Because the patient was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, she requested for C-section delivery. However, the nurse didn’t focus on her request, and during the delivery, the child developed shoulder dystocia.

Sarah delivered the baby with a subgaleal hemorrhage. A medical expert witness with experience in gynecology and diabetes reviewed Sarah’s risk profile and discussed the obligations of a nurse with expertise in gynecology and obstetrics. The court found the nurse guilty and awarded the plaintiff $1 million in damages.

Example 2: Anesthesia Errors

An older adult, Mitchel Johnson, with a complicated health history, underwent open-back surgery for radicular pain. However, the health team mistakenly diagnosed a systemic disease risk. During the procedure, Mr. Johnson experienced multiple hypotensive episodes.

A medical expert witness with experience in anesthesia reviewed the case, examined the facts, and prepared the testimony. The expert found that the anesthesiologist failed to discuss the patient’s primary symptoms with the doctor before the surgery. It was a breach of the standard of care owed to Mr. Mitchel Johnson. The court awarded nearly $3 million to the plaintiff in damages.

Example 3: Medication Errors

With a post-menopausal condition, Victoria McMahon went to the hospital, where the doctor prescribed her medroxyprogesterone, a hormone supplement to prevent her uterine lining overgrowth.

When she went to the pharmacy to pick up the medication, the pharmacist gave her a high methotrexate dosage, an immunosuppressant for rheumatoid arthritis, leading to methotrexate poisoning.

The patient suffered from irreparable kidney damage and underwent a kidney transplant procedure eventually. Later, she hired a medical expert witness with expertise in pharmacology to establish the fact that the pharmacy failed to maintain the standard of care. The court awarded Mrs. McMahon $5 million in damages.

Example 4: Traumatic Brain Injury

Plaintiff, Mr. Alan Donald, had a car crash that led to severe injuries on his head and caused a traumatic brain injury. Because he had severe neurological injuries, he could not return to work and remained disabled.

Mr. Alan hired an expert witness with experience and skills in neuropsychology to conduct medical evaluations of the patients and examine the severity of his condition, including cognitive impairments.

The expert witness prepared the testimony and included all the necessary information, such as the patient’s current medical treatments, psycho-education, cognitive behavioral therapy, behavior management, etc.

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