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Are you looking for Medical Expert Witnesses Dallas TX? The U.S law requires health professionals to follow the medical rules and provide adequate treatment to the patient. Although medical professional is not responsible for the patient’s pain and suffering, they are legally liable for providing their patients with proper treatment by following the standard of duty defined in the medical law.

Medical Expert Witnesses Dallas TX is a qualified, board-certified, skilled professional with years of experience. Medical Expert Witnesses Dallas TX can explain the evidence, provide their expert opinion on a patient’s injuries, and focus on causation. Besides, they also review medical records and have thorough discussions with attorneys about the victim’s future medical needs.

Legal Medical Consulting is a reputable firm in Dallas, TX, with qualified and experienced witnesses. Our expert witnesses have medical and legal knowledge of various malpractice and other health-related lawsuits. Our experts examine the case’s material facts and review medical records to prepare an easy-to-read testimony. Read on!

Types of Medical Expert Witnesses

There are various types of medical expert witnesses. Each medical expert witness has knowledge of a specific medical discipline. For instance, a mental health expert deals with psychiatrist cases, and an oncologist deals with misdiagnosis or inadequate treatment of cancer patients. Here are the types of medical expert witnesses you can hire at Legal Medical Consulting. Continue reading!

Malpractice Experts

A malpractice expert plays a crucial role in determining whether the doctor committed the error intentionally or unintentionally. If the physician has not breached the standard of duty and the patient still suffers from pain and injuries, Legal Medical Consulting’s expert will mention that in the written report.

On the other hand, our expert will review the case’s facts and use various investigative methods to determine whether the doctor violated the rules and caused harm to the patient. That way, the judge or jury makes an informed verdict and ensures justice is served.

Sometimes, medical malpractice requires an expert with experience in a particular field, such as department chief, ward administrator, doctor, physician, nurse, surgeon, hospice care professional, or medical school professor. According to Legal Medical Consulting, a professional firm in Dallas, TX, hiring a medical expert witness with skills relevant to your malpractice case is crucial.

Surgical Experts

Surgical errors are common medical claims in the U.S. These cases usually occur due to a surgeon’s negligence or other professionals involved in a surgical procedure. Research shows that miscommunication is the primary reason behind surgical errors.

A surgical expert at Legal Medical Consulting reviews the case and prepares the testimony. The detailed report in Plain English helps the court conclude the case quickly. For example, our expert determines whether the surgeon left an instrument inside the patient’s body, amputated the wrong limb, or operated on the wrong side of the body, such as in spinal procedures.

Anesthesia Expert

Anesthesia interacts with the patient’s body in numerous ways. Research shows that a slight mistake can lead to severe complications in the patient’s body, including permanent disability, brain damage, heart failure, and even death.

Anesthesia mistakes occur when a medical professional fails to read a patient’s medical history under treatment. Legal Medical Consulting has qualified Medical Expert Witnesses Dallas TX, including anesthesiologists who can determine whether the professional was responsible for the wrong administration of anesthesia. That way, our expert prepares the testimony and ensures the court makes a decision based on the findings of the case.

Personal Injury Experts

Personal injury claims are the most common lawsuits in the United States. Legal Medical Consulting’s medical expert witnesses review the patient’s medical records to ensure whether the doctor has caused pain and suffering.

Besides, the pain and suffering are usually due to complications resulting from misdiagnosis, wrong surgical procedure, falls, accidents, improper medication administration, or late treatment.

Our expert witness determines whether the patient suffers from physical injuries and pain and how this affects the victim’s quality of life. The witness mentions all the details in the written report, allowing the court to make an informed verdict.

Moreover, Legal Medical Consulting’s expert witness also determines the mental and emotional pain/suffering caused by trauma due to emotional distress, depression, anger, fear, domestic abuse, hospital abuse, etc.

Hire Dallas TX Medical Consulting Company

Legal Medical Consulting is a reputable Dallas TX medical consulting company with years of experience preparing evidence-based and unbiased written and oral testimonies to help the court streamline the entire case.

We have medical expert witnesses from different disciplines, including physicians, doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists, oncologists, epidemiologists, nephrologists, cardiologists, etc. – the list is endless.

Our goal is to match the right witness for your case and help you recover compensation for your injuries or pain/suffering. Contact us today for Medical Expert Witnesses Dallas TX.

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