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What Is An Example of A Medical Expert Testimony?

What is an example of an expert testimony? Before we give you an example or examples, it is crucial to understand the expert testimony definition. Expert testimony is provided by a professional or expert with proper qualifications, relevant expertise, experience, and skills in a particular case. For instance, an expert witness testifies before the court to ensure the judge or jury understands the case’s technical terms or aspects.

What Is a Medical Legal Expert Witness?

A medical expert witness is a doctor, surgeon, physician, nurse, or other health professionals with expertise, experienced, and skills. They are qualified enough to testify before the court on a particular medical malpractice case or negligence. For instance, attorneys and lawyers often hire or use medical expert witnesses in malpractice or personal injury cases.

A medical expert witness has completed education and training at a top university and obtained a certificate from the board. Medical expert witnesses actively practice medicine. Legal Medical Consulting is a reputable firm and can help you find a witness whose expertise matches your case.

Likewise, our experts are familiar with all medico-legal processes. Our experts have experience and knowledge in the medical-legal field, including causation and the standard of care. Our expert witnesses have a track record for preparing and compiling oral and written testimonies.

Legal Medical Consulting has expert witnesses with excellent communication and demeanor skills. The court often calls upon our medical experts to present or explain complex medical procedures to the judge or jury who don’t understand medical terms.

Likewise, our experts communicate with the judge or jury and present easy-to-understand information about medical malpractice or personal injury case. In the next section, we will give you an example of expert medical testimony. Continue reading!

What is an example of an expert testimony?

There are different types of expert witnesses. These are medical experts, financial experts, vocational experts, security experts, parenting experts, etc. An expert who has thorough medical knowledge, training, and experience in a health facility, including hospital, clinic, laboratory, or any other setting, can testify before the court to ensure the judge or jury understands the technical and scientific data relevant to the case.

For instance, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis is the most common complaint related to medical malpractice cases. Research shows that over 20% of patients with severe health conditions are misdiagnosed by their health providers. The most common misdiagnosed conditions are heart attack, cancer, stroke, fibromyalgia, celiac disease, and thyroid conditions.

When a doctor misdiagnoses or fails to diagnose a condition, the patient has higher risks of undergoing inappropriate medical procedures, leading to complications, injuries, and even death. What is an example of an expert testimony in a medical negligence case? Here is an example!

Example of a Medical Expert Testimony

The plaintiff, Sophia Williams, brought a medical negligence action against Dr. Richard John, who failed to perform breast cancer diagnoses on time. Dr. Richard did not take the appropriate steps to diagnose the plaintiff’s breast cancer.

Therefore, she hired professional medical expert witnesses to establish that Dr. Richard had breached the standard of care owed to the plaintiff. Ms. Williams called multiple expert witnesses to establish facts and present evidence about her delayed diagnosis. Ms. William hired a team of medical expert witnesses, including a pathologist, oncologist, psychologist, and economist.

These expert witnesses testified before the court and presented all the relevant information to the judge and jury. The purpose was to ensure the judge and jury understand what happened in the hospital and how Dr. Richard breached the standard of care owed to Ms. Williams.

The courts found the expert witnesses’ testimony convincing and valid. The jury held that the plaintiff, Ms. Williams, met the burden of proof needed to find that Dr. Richard failed to fulfill his duties and breached the standard of care. That’s why the court awarded Ms. Williams nearly $5 million in damages.

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A doctor misdiagnoses or performs any other activity against the medical norms or principles breaches the standard of care. As a result, the patient is at a high risk of getting injuries, damages to the internal organs, muscles, tissues, or severe trauma. Remember, this can lead to severe harm and even death.

Therefore, it is essential to hire a professional, qualified, and experienced medical expert witness to testify before the court and justify your claim. Legal Medical Consulting is a professional organization with experienced medical expert witnesses, including forensic and personal injury experts, who can help in your case. What is an example of an expert witness? Contact us for more details.

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