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Where Can I Find a Good Medical Legal Expert?

How can people look for a medical-legal expert and what makes a good legal expert? This article will give you some ideas about a medical-legal expert’s role and what are the necessary qualifications for a good medical legal expert.

Mainly, there are various types of medical-legal experts based on their area of medical practice and specialization. Each medical-legal expert is trained and has experience in his specific field.

Considering the different types of medical-legal experts, finding the right independent medical-legal expert is a daunting task. Although the search process for a medical-legal expert will be time-consuming and tiring, the benefits of getting the right expert witness for your case cannot be overstated.

For successful ruling of your case and ruling in your interests, you need a good medical-legal expert with a proven track record. Read through this post to the end to learn important strategies you can apply when searching for the best qualified medical-legal expert.

What is a Medical-Legal Expert?

Before embarking on your search for a medical-legal expert, you should understand who is a medical-legal expert and what is a medical expert witness role.  A medical-legal expert is a person who has the requisite knowledge and experience to offer opinions regarding the application of medical findings and data to legal issues.

A good medical-legal expert is someone knowledgeable in the field of medicine, specifically in the area where they testify. Therefore a medical-legal expert must have a background in medicine and necessary training to handle legal matters.

Why Do You Need an Independent Medical Legal Expert?

The need for an independent expert witness depends on the complexity of the case. A medical-legal expert can make or break your case. If your case is complex and an average witness without expert knowledge in the field can not find the facts, then you need an expert witness. Having the right credentials is not enough.

A medical-legal expert is qualified to review your injury and medical records and come up with an opinion on how the injury occurred and what the damage is. While any doctor can provide a diagnosis, only a medical expert can say something about the cause of the injury.

The input of a legal expert is important because it determines who is liable for the injury. For example, if a doctor says that the injury was caused by a fall, but the medical expert says it was caused by a car accident, the driver of the car is liable for the injury.

Therefore, if you plan to take a medical case to court, you need an independent medical-legal expert.

How to Find Independent Medical Legal Experts

Now you know why you need an expert witness. How do you find one?

Good medical-legal experts are everywhere but not every medical-legal expert can become an expert witness in your case. First, you need to understand medical-legal experts are physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals who have received additional training to evaluate medical claims.

With the above fact in mind, study and understand your case details to narrow down your search. By narrowing down your search to the specific field according to your case will save you time. Also, you will have better chances of getting the best expert witness who will handle your case with authority.

To find a good medical-legal expert there are a few things you should check. The following are important things you should check when looking for a medical-legal expert.

Check Licensing. The medical-legal expert must have a license.  The first step is to make sure that they have a license from the state in which they work.

Identify the type of cases they qualify to handle. Find out what types of cases they are qualified to review.

Their experience in handling your specific case in the past. If possible, contact them and ask about their experience with similar cases.

Their connection to any of the parties in your case. The last step is to confirm that they are not connected to either party in the case.

What Makes a Good Medical-Legal Expert?

The medical-legal expert you identify should have extraordinary knowledge in the area of medical and legal expertise.

Your medical-legal expert must be able to identify what reasonable care was and what a physician or nurse should have done or not done.

Lastly, a good expert witness must be able to demonstrate if the defendant was negligent, and breached their standard code of operation.

Final Words

A good medical-legal expert is important. By applying the above knowledge you can easily identify who can be an expert witness in your case.

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